Small Fruit & Veg Box, Organic - 50% 1st Box & 40% Next 2 Boxes

50% 1st Box & 40% Next 2 Boxes - Use Code VEGBOX4 at check out!



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Enjoy 50% off your 1st and 4th Fruit and Veg box. Use Code VEGBOX4 at check out!

Our organic Small Fruit & Veg Box comes fresh from the fields and orchards of our trusted growers. Every week, you’ll receive six portions of seasonal, organic veg and two portions of organic fruit. Expect delicious staples like potatoes and onions, as well as seasonal stars and verdant, leafy greens, depending on what’s ripe and ready. 

By choosing an organic fruit and veg box delivery, you’ll be supporting farmers who naturally enhance the health of their soil through sustainable practices and work to encourage biodiversity on their land. 

You’ll also be helping to fight food poverty every week. For each Fruit & Veg Box sold, we’ll donate a portion of fresh, nutritious fruit and veg to those in need. Your donation will support the vital work of one of our amazing food charity partners: the Felix Project, Dons Local Action Group and School Food Matters. 

We’ll deliver your organic fruit and veg box sustainably to your door, with as little packaging and as few food miles as possible. For anything that’s sourced from further afield, we have a zero air freight promise in place. 

The farm-fresh fare in your Small Fruit & Veg Box will feed 1-2 people. Don’t forget to wash your fruit and veg before use.

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