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  • Types of facials available: cryotherapy luxury facial with Algae facemask
  • Benefits of cryo facial: helps tighten the skin, anti-aging, effective for active acne, hormonal skin, as well as dry, sensitive and oily skin
  • Benefits of algae facial: cleanses the skin and helps protect the skin from free radicals.

  • Highlights: Gives an icy boost with a Cryotherapy luxury facial with Algae face mask. Reinvigorate complexion using cold therapy to refresh and relax for an anti-aging radiant boost to your skin and wellbeing. Instant benefits of tighter smoother skin.

  • What to expect: During the procedure, you can relax while your therapist gently applies chilled air from a hand-held nozzle to your face and neck. After the cooling process we quickly mix up the Algae mask and apply thickly directly to the neck, working up the face, around (or over the eyes) and forehead. We will even go over your lips if you wish. Then the magic begins, you’ll begin to feel a tightening of the skin, the mask has a natural reaction to the cold so will set super-fast. During this time our therapist will give you a relaxing head massage using rock & roll shoulder movements for blissful tension release.

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